How often do I rotate tires? 
 Every other oil change or so, thus usually every 6-10,000 miles. You want the tires to wear evenly for longer wear, better handling, and safety.

Do I need to replace all 4 tires is I have a blow-out? 
Because full time all-wheel-drive systems read traction from the tires, mis-matched tires are a bad. 
This means all tires need the same tread pattern and size to within 1/4" circumference?. The same tread pattern means they need to be from the same manufacturer. If you have a non-repairable blow-out and the tires aren't brand new you should replace all 4 unless there's less than 1/4" circumference difference.

What kind of tires should I get? 

The tread pattern will vary according to road conditions, vehicle, your driving style and needs. 
 Always contact with your local tire dealer if you have any questions and before making any purchase decisions. 
A.  Wet climate (rain, snow etc)- M+S mud and snow is the most common for an all-around tire.  
 Dry climate- summer tire. 
Performance- performance tires are available for most weather/road conditions

What are Summer performance tires? 
A. Summer tires were designed for warmer temperatures and high stress use. Because of this they have very large stable tread blocks that are not good in inclement weather. In addition the rubber compound does not maintain elasticity in cold weather. What this means is that the grip level of the tire degrades drastically in cold temperatures even on dry pavement. In the cold a summer tire becomes unpredictable and feels “slippery” when cornering no matter what the weather. This problem is compounded in wet or snowy conditions.